6 Qualities of a good investigator

  • Technical Skills & Knowledge: An Investigator needs to be fully conversant with the skills and requirements needed to undertake your assignment. Most investigators have undertaken a course of study in ‘ Private Investigation' and follow this up with on the job training, continuing professional development (CPD) in new business areas or to update existing skills. Agents at Alpha Detective Agency are trained in-house and further undertake yearly CPD training too.

  • Honesty & Ethics: At the end of the day an Investigator will be dealing with your personal information and confidential matters, they need to have integrity as well as a DPA license from the Information Commissioner's Office.

  • Knowledge of the law: It goes without saying an Investigator working on your behalf will need knowledge of the legal area they are working in, this may be the CPR for civil witness statements, PACE for a staff theft case or a combination of several legal areas for a fraud case.

  • Research Skills: Many investigations are run, managed and facilitated by quality research before the investigator even leaves the office. This saves the client money and exposure to ‘false leads'.

  • Communication Skills: An investigator must be able to communicate well with clients, subjects of enquiry and the general public. Ultimately the investigator is an extension of the client and as such they are expected to work in a professional and courteous manor at all times.

  • Writing: Investigators must be able to clearly, accurately and articulately put a report of their findings together. An investigators' report forms the conclusion to any case and as such a client needs full and detailed feedback to their assignment each and every time.

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