Fraud Investigators

As Fraud Investigators we generally work with companies helping them to establish the presence of theft and fraud within their organisation.

Fraud in business usually means an employee is stealing money from the firm. Methods can range from simply pocketing cash from the till to the more complex, such as setting up false suppliers and customers then diverting payments to/from them.

Not all employee theft is financial. Stock, especially things that can be re-sold, is something that seems to be occurring more and more often.

Further, business information, for example customer databases or pricing models, also have a financial value for a dishonest employee.

When evidence of a crooked employee begins to emerge, it's vital that you handle the situation swiftly, professionally and in a way that complies with the law.

But if you act without seeking advice beforehand, for example by dismissing the employee straight away, you could cause yourself bigger problems down the line when trying to recover goods, cash or data.

How Alpha Detective Agency can help

If you think an employee might be stealing from you, what you do at this stage is vitally important if you are to stand a chance of getting the stolen money back. Whatever you do, do not contact the police at this stage.

We use tried and tested methods to guide you through the process, including:

•  Investigation of possible culprits (though you will probably know who is responsible)

•  Helping with the recovery of assets

•  Liaising with the police and other authorities if you wish to prosecute in the criminal court

Our service is Quick, Legal and Effective, and allows you to get on with what you do best – running your business.

How To Instruct Us

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