Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

Since 6th April 2014, the Common Law remedy of distraint or distress for rent has been replaced by CRAR - Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery. Our team of highly experienced enforcement agents can act  on your behalf under CRAR - please note that ONLY certificated enforcement agents are permitted to act under CRAR.

Normally instructing an Enforcement Agent is the last option available for a Landlord as the debtor will have been given plenty of time by the them to come up with the money that they need to pay off their debts beforehand.

Enforcement Agent's are able to Take Control Of Goods in order to make a Debtor pay their outstanding rent, if the Debtor refuses to pay the Agent is able to remove and sell goods to discharge the debt owed to the Landlord

Since CRAR came into force the fundamental changes from the previous methods of enforcement are that premises must be purely commercial. Rent cannot include insurance or service charges, etc. and the new requirement to give seven day Notice of Enforcement to the tenant before taking further action. This notice must be given by the Enforcement Agent.


•  There is no need to go through the courts or the court process

•  Immediate response by our Enforcement Agent's once instructed

•  Fantastic Commercial Rent Collection rate after Enforcement Agent's instructed to act

•  Generally there is NO COST TO THE LANDLORD

How To Instruct Us

Please Contact Us. We will then action your rent recovery quickly, efficiently and effectively.