No Result No Fee Billing – Good or Bad Idea?

You should feel relaxed about asking a Private Investigator what you will get for your money. Confirm if there are any ‘extra costs' such as expenses, reports, affidavits and so on.

A Professional Investigator will tell you if there may be extra charges, most cases despite the differences in circumstances of the client or the subject follow a similar pattern of investigation and as such an experienced investigator should be able to give you a solid ‘ball park' figure from the outset.

What you do not want is an un-expected bill at the end of the job. To this end Alpha Detective Agency generally (90%+ of the time) works on set fixed fees agreed in advance with the client so that nothing unexpected ‘pops up' to surprise our clients.

Be cautious of investigators who offer a “NO RESULT NO FEE” service. Why you may ask? Well there are two very good reasons:

•  If the investigation proves testing you will more than likely be offered a NEGATIVE result. This may not cost you anything but what you really wanted is a RESULT. If you ask yourself the question “What have I got to lose?” The answer could be – A LOT! An inexperienced or incompetent investigator could cause you even more problems than you had in the first place by “compromising” your position and putting you in an even worse position.

•  If the NO RESULT NO FEE case has a POSITIVE result but still ends up in Court, your investigator may be called as a witness and once on the stand the Judge is likely to ask them ‘what inducement' did you have to get this evidence? The investigator would have to say if I reported a negative result I would not have got paid, but as I got a positive result I did. Whereas an investigator working on an hourly or fixed fee could simply say they were being paid for their work regardless of the result. If you were the judge which evidence would you believe to be more credible?

If you would like to discuss a case you need assistance with we would be happy to do so in confidence, please call us on 01293 541214 or  Contact Us . We will then provide you with a free no obligation full quote to meet your needs.