General Investigation

As Enquiry Agents we are not just an instructed Investigator that takes an instruction, completes it and then returns an invoice, we believe we are an extension of your company and therefore look to provide further opportunities for you, the client, for instance if we undertake a tracing enquiry and this leads to a positive result we are then able to make door step visits to the subject address in order to either serve legal documents or to talk 'face to face' with the subject of enquiry.

In addition to our specifically listed services we, as Enquiry Agents, undertake further tasks for clients all on a fixed fee basis, including:

•  Surveillance

•  Test Purchases at licensed premises

•  Neighbourhood Enquiries

•  Property Checks and outline Valuations

Our subsidiary due-diligence company, InQuiro, undertakes the following services:

•  Pre-Sue Reports

•  Tracing of Debtors, Heirs and Lost Loved Ones

•  De-Bugging / Bug Detection

How To Instruct Us

As with our other services we generally work with SME sized law firms or professional/corporate organisations, if you have an assignment you would like one of our enquiry agents to work on, or to just discuss your enquiry agent needs, please  phone us on 01293 541214 or Contact Us. We will then provide you with a free no obligation full quote.