Witness Statements

Alpha Detective Agency's dedicated Accident Investigation & Personal Injury Support Services team investigates Road Traffic Collisions (RTC's), Slip & Trip Accidents and Work place accidents.

We undertake claimant, defence and fraudulent Investigation work and have UK nationwide coverage through our fee-earner network to deliver superior service and turn around times compared with our competitors.

We are experienced in producing quality accident investigation reports, witness statements and credibility reports for numerous household name Insurance companies as well as private individuals and Solicitors.

Our Statement Taking

We are able to take both Civil (CPR) and Criminal (s.9) statements as your needs dictate. If you need an urgent 'on the spot' hand written statement or a formal typed and processed document with a statement of truth attached we are able to accommodate your needs.

Quality witness statement taking is a skill and an art, the best is gained from a deponent by building a relationship and then carefully discussing their evidence, then forming a series of substantiating questions before actioning the final draft of the statement for the client.

Alpha Detective Agency has been producing robust witness statements for our clients since 1999, and to date have taken over 6000 many of which have been used to successfully bring our clients case to a positive outcome.

How To Instruct Us

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