CFA Sign Ups

Time is always of paramount importance when it comes to signing up a new client, never more so than when it is a new client and the instruction is for a CFA (Conditional Fee Agreement) sign up. 

Cases are regularly lost to panel solicitors and rival law firms because they got to the client first, minimise this risk right now by instructing us to sign up your potential client today.

Sign-up rates are vitally important to all law firms and especially those in the ' no-win, no-fee ' arena, if you don't already use a sign-up agent for the CFA explanation and sign-up, then you may suffer from a lower conversion rate, especially if you rely on the client to post the signed documents back to you.

Alpha Detective Agency undertakes CFA Explanation & Sign Up instructions across England on a fixed fee basis with fantastic turn around and contact times.

If you want to vastly increase your enquiry to new client conversion rate , reduce your marketing spend or to simply improve client customer service we are here to help!

In addition to CFA Sign-Ups we are able to visit the client and gain photographs of injuries, gain a first hand witness statement and attend the accident scene and produce a locus report to help win your case.


We will agree a fixed fee in advance following receipt of your instructions.

How To Instruct Us

Please Contact Us. We will then provide you with a free no obligation full quote.