Lease Forfeiture

Everything runs smoothly for landlords until they get a tenant that doesn't pay their rent on time. Sometimes they fail to pay their rent at all yet feel it is fine to still have occupancy of the building that they are renting.

If you are a landlord that has unwelcome tenants at your commercial property you could authorise a Lease Forfeiture warrant through our Enforcement Agents (Certificated Bailiff's). Once authorised our Agents can then effect a peaceable re-entry of the premises to secure a Lease Forfeiture.

Leases can easily be forfeited with a Lease Forfeiture warrant when a break clause is put into the original lease contract or assignment. Tenants that think they are being clever by not paying the rent will soon realise that this is not acceptable behaviour.

Once inside the property the locks can be changed and termination of lease notices can be displayed. We always undertake commercial lease forfeitures on a fixed fee basis.

•  Fill in a Commercial Lease Forfeiture Warrant and email it to us

•  Call us on 01293 541214 to state you have/are sending a Warrant over

•  We will book the Locksmith

•  We will call you back to give you the day and time forfeiture WILL take place

•  We will post to you via Recorded Delivery the new keys to the forfeited property once the Enforcement Agent is finished.


We will agree a fixed fee in advance following receipt of your instructions.

How To Instruct Us

Please Contact Us. We will then provide you with a free no obligation full quote.